Over the past week or two, Kanye West’s statements on social media has gotten the internet buzzing repeatedly. No one knows whats really up with him and his recent somewhat over-the-top statements online. If you ask us, we’ll say it’s probably just self-generated hype ahead of the release of his new album, “The Life of Pablo”. The question here is, could Kanye West be $53 million in debt?  how the hell is Kanye West that deep in debt? Well the answer is that he isn’t! $53 Million Yes, but that’s about the amount he’s been spending to push his personal ambitions!

Kanye and Kim

Kanye and Kim

According to TMZ, the number $53 million reflects how much he invested in his own projects related to fashion and music. For example, they’re told he’s spent about $40 million alone into 3 seasons worth of his Adidas Yeezy fashion! Though Yeezy shoes are quite the vogue now, earlier on Kanye did not get a dime from Nike when he created the first generation yeezy sneakers. He funded the design right out of his own pocket.

Kanye Aventador

Kanye stepping out of a $750 Lamborghini his wife got him as a gift

Additionally, among other projects, he also spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars to build sets for his last tour, and to make his 2012 short film, “Cruel Summer.” The good we can see out of this for Kanye is that he’ll most likely make back most of his investment because he earns quite a lot annually. He made $22 million in 2015 and $30 million in 2014, according to Forbes.

Sorry folks, but the truth is this man isn’t going under anytime soon!


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