After graduating from the textile department of shenkar college of engineering and design in 2013, Neta tesler went on to establish a tel aviv-based ‘knots studio’. the name comes from her time in school, where during her senior year she became familiarized with the distinct aesthetics and practices of the nautical world. further research and experimentation led her to discover a special tying technique, which eventually became the backbone for the studio’s first product line.

All products are predominately centered around home decor, and include floor cushions, couch pillows/pieces and stools. The basis for each starts with patterned textiles, which are sewn and filled with a stiff-foam that helps the form remain semi-rigid. Other wooden components, such as the stools legs and the cushions rings, are handmade in-house by ‘knot’s’ woodworker.

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Photos: ami tesler

Source: Designboom

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