The all new Jaguar XE comes with style, luxury finishing and performance of a mean machine. The XE will be filled with advanced technology, starting with its aluminum body structure to help minimize weight and aid in fuel economy. Engines come in a turbo four, a supercharged V-6, and diesel versions. An eight-speed automatic transmission will be standard with a manual counterpart to be produced later. The Jaguar XE will feature a standard Rear-wheel drive and the all-wheel drive will be optional. To be available in early 2016.

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2017 Jaguar XE Sport

2017-Jaguar-XE-S-105-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-110-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-111-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-112-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-116-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-117-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-118-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-119-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-120-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-122-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-123-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-124-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-125-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-126-876x535 2017-Jaguar-XE-S-127-876x535

via: Caranddriver